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When you look at kids and people in general, it’s easy to see that we all have differences in our “wiring;” in how our brains work. As a parent, you see these differences between your children every day. On today’s podcast, child psychologist and author of The Total Focus program, Dr. Robert Myers, writes 6 Brain-Training Exercises For Children and Teens.


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Sometimes us parents don’t think we’re anxious because we’re not trembling in our boots. There’s often no visible signs of how anxious we are. Yet when we look inside our heads, we notice that we spend a lot of time thinking about our kids—sometimes scary thoughts about things that haven’t even happened. On today's podcast, learn 5 ways you can relieve parental anxiety.


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Why can’t your kid just follow one simple direction? It’s annoying, right? It’s not like you’re asking them to do something complicated. What you ask is really quite simple:  Fold your laundry. Walk the dog. Take the trash out. Clean your room. So why do you have to say the same thing fourteen times, with your voice and your blood pressure rising every time? On today's podcast: Ask Once and Your Kid Does It: 5 Ways to Make It Happen, by Megan Devine.


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Even as adults, managing our anger can be hard, and we’ve had years of practice. For our children, who are just learning about their emotions, keeping their anger in check can be especially difficult. As parents, we can help by teaching our children to recognize what sets them off so that they too can keep their anger in check. On today's podcast, learn 8 Steps to Anger Management for Kids.


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What can you do when your child just refuses to get up and go to school? You’ve yelled, nagged, pleaded and even tried bribing her, but she just digs her heels in and says, “Nope, not going, no matter what you do.” Maybe this has never happened to you—or maybe it happens every day. On this week's podcast, learn exactly what you can and can't control as a parent.

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What causes bad child behavior? James Lehman says it happens because children don’t yet know how to solve problems effectively. To put it another way, they're trying to handle many of the situations that life throws at them by acting out. On today's podcast, 5 tips to help you cope with bad child behavior.

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Does it seem like every time you tell your child “No,” it turns into a tug-of-war? Many parents find themselves in a negotiation with their children when they are met with any kind of resistance. On today's podcast, 5 tips to help you avoid over-negotiating with your child.

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As parents, we know the importance of parenting from our principles, things like teaching our children to own up to their actions and face the fallout when they make poor choices. And you’ve tried. You’ve talked to your child over and over, you’ve explained your reasoning repeatedly. You’ve given them restrictions, taken things away and grounded them for a month. Yet nothing seems to be getting through. It could be time to look at the difference between punishing your child and using consequences.

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While you likely have good intentions, doing too much for your child can have unforseen consequences. Find out if you "over-do" for your child and learn how to fix it on today's podcast.


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Many of us can recall summer days spent playing games outside with friends, riding bikes, playing hopscotch, or making forts in the woods. Now, though, it seems like most kids prefer to lead a wired existence, constantly connected to some electronic device.On today’s podcast: 4 steps you can take to manage your child’s screen time, by Sara Bean.



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