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Do you ever struggle with temper tantrums at your house? You know what they involve: yelling, screaming, bad language and all-out loss of control until you almost can’t take it anymore. Maybe you just want to…put yourself in time out? Yes, we're talking about our own parental "temper tantrums," which we’ve all been known to experience at one point or another as we raise our kids. Listen now for Dr. Joan's tips on how to stay in control.

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“I love my son, but things are getting really rough. I never expected him to still be living at home in his twenties. I don’t mind helping him while he gets on his feet, but most of the time he acts like he’s still thirteen – and he’s twenty three! This is not what I pictured!” If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Listen now to learn how you can promote healthy boundaries in your home.

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At Empowering Parents, we talk a lot about “effective” versus “ineffective” parenting styles. In fact, James Lehman reminds us that it’s not about whether your parenting style is right or wrong, it’s about whether it’s effective. Listen now for 5 ineffective things to avoid doing when parenting teens, and what you can do differently.

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When your kids are driving you crazy, it’s natural for the negatives to loom larger in your mind than the positives. Soon we start to see certain traits as something we need to “fix.” While it’s important to address misbehavior, the actual characteristic that aggravates you in your child may not necessarily be a bad thing. “Changing the lenses in your glasses” can help you see your kids’ behaviors in a different light so you can parent more effectively.

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Do you ever find yourself wondering, “When will this child stop defying me and just start doing what I ask?” Dealing with a young child or toddler can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention exhausting and annoying. The good news is there is help in dealing with defiance in young kids—and the solutions are easier than you may think.

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On this week's episode we're talking about a difficult subject that is sadly becoming more prevalent: when kids and teens' behavior crosses the line and becomes abusive. Learn the warning signs and responses to parental abuse with tips from Kim Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner, co-creators of The ODD Lifeline Program and Life Over The Influence.

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Is your child or teen fighting with you every step of the way, from refusing to get up on time in the morning, to complaining about homework at night? Janet Lehman, renowned child therapist and co-creator of The Total Transformation Program, shares her insight with 5 tips to help your child or teen get more motivated.

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All kids push the limits, but the stress this causes parents can range anywhere from overwhelming to nearly unbearable. These parenting tips will help you learn exactly what to say and do in these difficult situations.

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