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How would you stay alive if you had to hunt and grow your own food, search for fresh sources of water and live without electricity, using only your wits and skills? The truth is most kids don’t possess those extraordinary life skills, let alone the mundane ones we all need to make it in the real world—like balancing the checkbook.

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When you’re out in public places with your kids, it can feel like your every move is on display. It’s like theater, where everyone is a critic. For Empowering Parents Contibuting Editor Jennie Wallace, her family took center stage this past weekend.


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A few months ago, we asked Empowering Parents readers to share how they respond when their child acts out. There were three parenting styles that readers consistently told us they were using and weren’t working the way they would like. The common denominator?  All three undermine your authority as a parent.  


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