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Parenting is one job that never takes a holiday vacation. As families are celebrating holidays, parents are also coping with sibling bickering, backtalk, temper tantrums, and power struggles. Use these 8 Parenting Tips to help you prepare for the New Year.

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The holidays can be a tough time for everyone. And when you’re parenting an oppositional, defiant or challenging child, the holidays can be more than tough; they can be downright awful. In response, Kim Abraham has written a Message of Hope for Parents of Defiant Children.


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When your child acts out or breaks the rules, it’s normal to feel your authority as a parent slip away. If you’re like most parents, you’ve tried everything: you’ve taken the car away, locked the video games in a cabinet, and have even considered cancelling Christmas or a birthday party. You’ve probably also seen that these things haven’t worked.


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Sometimes disrespect comes along with adolescence; other times a child may show disrespectful behavior from an early age. Either way, it’s a behavior that can push any parent’s emotional buttons! Learn how you can respond with these 5 techniques, from the authors of The ODD Lifeline program.


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