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Do you have an ODD child or teen who constantly argues and fights your authority, refusing to follow the rules of your home?Believe it or not, there are definite strengths that go hand-in-hand with that challenging, ODD personality. This week, we’re going to show you how to see your child through a different lens,with stories of ODD kids who have worked with Kimberly Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner, the authors of The ODD Lifeline program.



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“Why can’t I get my kids to get their homework done and off to bed without the constant screaming, bickering, and crying?” If you’ve asked yourself this question regularly, you’re not alone. Parents say that homework and bedtime battles are some of the most nerve-wracking, exhausting moments of parenthood. We're here to help you get through it with 8 Tips for Calmer Nights with Kids.

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Do your kids make you feel like an ogre when you set limits? Does the word “no” kick off whining, yelling and protests?It can be hard to know if the limits you set are reasonable or not. On top of that, how do you know that the limits you set even work? Whether you’re just beginning to set limits, or you’re adjusting your limits to match your child’s unique needs and developmental changes, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help.

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Some parents go to conferences expecting glowing reports, but many of us dread them. Maybe it’s because you’ve had a prior bad experience and felt powerless, or that you weren’t a good enough parent. If you're dreading parent-teacher conferences, try Anna Stewart's new approach.


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