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As parents, we know the importance of parenting from our principles, things like teaching our children to own up to their actions and face the fallout when they make poor choices. And you’ve tried. You’ve talked to your child over and over, you’ve explained your reasoning repeatedly. You’ve given them restrictions, taken things away and grounded them for a month. Yet nothing seems to be getting through. It could be time to look at the difference between punishing your child and using consequences.

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While you likely have good intentions, doing too much for your child can have unforseen consequences. Find out if you "over-do" for your child and learn how to fix it on today's podcast.


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Many of us can recall summer days spent playing games outside with friends, riding bikes, playing hopscotch, or making forts in the woods. Now, though, it seems like most kids prefer to lead a wired existence, constantly connected to some electronic device.On today’s podcast: 4 steps you can take to manage your child’s screen time, by Sara Bean.



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We don’t always like our kids. It’s a truth we don’t often admit, even to ourselves. It’s important to accept the fact that you won’t always like your kids—and they won’t always like you. This is especially hard for parents of difficult, acting out kids to deal with. But the fact is, you’re on your way to less guilt and a better relationship with your child when you can acknowledge your feelings.


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