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When Anna Stewart's son received his GED this year, she put together a small scrapbook for him with photos, quotes, and cards from his friends. She also considered the life skills he’s already mastered and thought about the ones he’s still working on. The big "aha moment?" Realizing that everything else in life builds upon the ability for kids to be able to do these five things.

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You know the drill: you’re trying to talk to your teen about curfew. Or dinner. Or absolutely anything—and they pretend they can’t hear you. They start an argument with you, or give you an eye roll and a "Whatever." Licensed clinical therapist and regular Empowering Parents contributor Megan Devine writes 3 ways to get your teen to listen, on this week's podcast.

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What is at the heart of most helicopter parenting? Anxiety—about our kids’ safety, happiness, and ability to navigate in the world. Many of us spend a large percentage of our time second guessing every move we make as parents. Our minds cause us to project our worst fears onto them – we love them so much and we want to protect them from any harm. Learn how you can stop worrying and avoid helicopter parenting with these 6 tips from Debbie Pincus, author of The Calm Parent: AM & PM

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The truth is, from the very beginning being a mother is a balance of taking care of your kids while letting them grow up and learn from their mistakes. Your role of simply loving and protecting your baby from pain and discomfort changes to one of accepting that your child or teen will need to experience natural consequences for his or her actions. The hard part (for them and for us!) is that these consequences almost always include some discomfort, disappointment or pain.

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